Canada Day God's Eye Ornament

  • Red Yarn
  • White Yarn
  • 2 sturdy twigs (approx 8 inches in length)
  • Scissors

Begin by laying one stick on top of the other to make a cross. Secure the sticks together with a piece of red yarn. You can do this by wrapping the yarn in figure-8 fashion around the sticks where they cross each other. Knot it as you begin and then do a few figure-8’s to stabilize the position of the sticks.

Don't cut the yarn, you're going to continue weaving with it.

  • Holding the twigs with one hand and the yarn with your other, begin weaving your yarn around and around the twigs.
  • You’ll wrap under and around one twig, and then over and around the next.
  • Move in a counter-clockwise fashion from one twig to the next, following that same weaving pattern: under and around on one twig, over and around on the next.
  • When you’re ready to switch colours, simply cut your yarn, and tie that cut piece to your next colour. Tighten the knot securely, and cut off any little tails of yarn so they don’t show in your weaving.
  • When your twigs are covered, and you’re finished weaving, cut your yarn, and tie the loose end to a nearby piece of your weaving.
  • Attach another piece of yarn for hanging.

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