Sharpie Art Mugs

What you will need:

  • White cups, mugs or even plates. You can find these at a dollar or craft store (or even in your own cupboard).
  • Sharpie Markers (for longest lasting results you should choose oil based Sharpies for this project).

You may have taken your children to a paint your own ceramic studio in the past but you can make an 'at home' version of this art expression right at home.

How to create:

  • Step 1 - Prep: Be sure your mugs are washed and dried completely. If there were stickers on the mugs be sure to remove any excess residue. Wipe them with a good glass cleaner and lint free cloth.
  • Step 2 - Create: This step is for being creative. Using your sharpies (Old based is best). Suggested is to use bright colours that will contrast and look good against the white background. If it is a message to mom, dad or a grandparent you may want to practice on a peace of paper before putting it on the mug. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • Step 3 - Bake: Bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to place the mug in the oven before it heats up and leave it in until the oven cools completely so there won't be any cracks. You can choose to bake the mugs twice to really set in the Sharpie drawings.
  • Step 4- Care and Wash: It is best to hand wash your mug to keep the colours lasting longer.

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