Easter Egg Decorating

Here is what you need:

  • Large Eggs (how ever many you think your family will need).
  • Food colouring and vinegar
  • Nail or thumbtack
  • Markers, paints or stickers

Decorating Easter eggs is a craft project that the whole family can take part in. Who can be the most creative? Use the best colour combinations?

How to create this project:

  • Step 1: Empty the Shell

Wash your egg and dry. Use a nail or thumbtack to make a small hole at the top of the egg. Put a toothpick in the hole and pierce the yolk. Turn the egg upside down and make another hole. Hold your egg over a bowl and blow into the hole to push the contents of the egg through. Gently rinse the shell in soapy water and let dry.

Chef’s tip: use the egg in your bowl to whip up a quick snack!

  • Step 2: Dye your egg

Mix a teaspoon of vinegar and 10 to 20 drops of food colouring in one cup of hot water. Use tongs to gently dip your shell. Experiment with different dipping times to get different shades!

  • Step 3: Design your Egg

After the colour has dried it is time to create your colourful designs using your imagination. Use Markers, paints or stickers to personalize your own egg creations.

*Thank you to Good Food for this easy to create craft idea.

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