Kandinsky Circle Art

Wassily Kandinsky was an Expressionist artist. His inspiration was colour. He felt that colour could convey emotion even without showing any object or figure. Colour on its own could tell the story of his art.

Before starting this project, you can show the children the actual Kandinsky painting and discuss how colour can make you feel.

Question examples you can ask:

  • What colour do you think of when you are happy?
  • What colour do you think of when you are sad? Angry?
  • What colour do you think of when you think of love? Your parents? Grandparents?

Here are some ideas on how to create this at home:

Using construction paper:

Provide children with scissors and multi colours of paper and have them cut out different size circles either free hand or tracing them out and cutting around the lines.

Using squares as the base to create the patterns, they can replicate the print.

Using paint:

Using large craft paper, or canvas, you can help your child create the square pattern by using a ruler and making the lines for them.

Once the boxes are drawn they can paint circles in patterns and then the fill in the square with a background colour.

Making the idea your own:

Like in the photo below, you can draw the trunk of a tree and the circles can be the blooms.

You could make circle flowers. The ideas are as endless as your own imagination.

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