Painting with Corn

  • 3 - 5 ears of corn (husks removed)
  • Multiple paint colours
  • Foam brushes
  • Craft paper
  • Painting smocks or paint clothes
  • Paint palettes or paper plates

When corn is in season, why not grab some extra ears and have your children paint with them. It is an easy craft with little materials required.

How to create:

  • Step 1: Set up the painting station. This can be a messy craft so you may want to cover your table with a plastic cloth or newspaper.
  • Step 2: Have children pick two or three colours of paint. Brush paint on ear of corn creating a pattern that will appear on the paper once it is rolled on.
  • Step 3: Once they roll it on the paper once, they can repeat the pattern all the way down the page or change colours and create a new one.

Helpful hints:

  • if you have the small corn holders which go in either end of the ears of corn, they are a great stabilizer for the roller and less messy on the hands.
  • watch how much paint is being brushed on the corn. Less is more in this case and will create better patterns. Too much paint will not show the pattern of the corn kernels.

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