Salad Spinner Art

What you will need:

  • salad spinner
  • acrylic craft paint or tempera paint
  • paper plate or card stock
  • pencil and scissors

Check your garage or basement to see if you have an old salad spinner you no longer use, or you can find one at a local garage sale. This craft is easy to do and fun for all ages.

How to create:

  • Step 1: The paper plate you are using for this craft may be larger than the salad spinner. Remove the basket from your salad spinner and place it on top of a paper plate. Trace around the bottom of the basket and cut out the circle that you traced. This forms the base for the art project. Place the basket back into the salad spinner and set your paper plate circle inside.
  • Step 2: Using the acrylic or craft paint bottles, squeeze several colours of paint onto the paper plate. The more colours used the more vibrate the final product will be.
  • Step 3: Now the fun begins. Ensure the spinner lit is closed tightly. Have your child start spinning. The faster you can get the spin going, the more create the art will be. Once you’ve worked your salad spinner up to a good speed, release the handle and let it slow down until it stops spinning. Then, remove the lid to see your creation!

Creative Notes:

  • The way the paint is squeezed into the spinner will determine the finished look of your project.  Large squirts of paint will result in big, solid blocks of colour spread out across the plate. Smaller, random drops of paint all over the plate will result in fine lines of colour sprayed out to the plate’s edge.
  • You could use card stock to make your own homemade cards to send to family and friends.

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