Button Art

What you will need:

  • Buttons - multi-colours, shapes and sizes
  • Craft white or clear glue
  • Medium to glue to the beads onto - canvas, photo frame, glass jar.

Do you remember when you would visit your grandmother's house as a child, she had a tin that used to hold cookies (those Danish butter cookies) and you opened it and it was full of buttons?  

Do you have a tin like that? Or did you inherit the one that came from your grandmother's house? Even if you don't have one, you can easily pick up a bag of buttons from your local craft or dollar store for this activity.

Since art is subjective and personal we just wanted to provide you with some project ideas that you can use with buttons, glue and your child's imagination.

Idea inspirations:

Photo frame: Pick up a wooden frame from craft or dollar store and either paint a base colour and then glue the buttons on top or just glue buttons to the wood.

Letter art: Pick up canvas from craft or dollar store and either paint a base coat or glue onto the white surface. Help your child by drawing the letter of their name on the canvas and then they can build out their own letter button art.

Glass Jar: an empty jar that you were about to recycle can be up-cycled to a new pencil holder for your child's desk. Glue buttons directly to the glass.

We think the ideas for button art are as unique as your children are.

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