Painting Inside Circles

What you will need:

  • White craft paper or card stock
  • Cardboard tube (could also be, a lid from a jar or pringles can, something to make a circle with).
  • Black paint
  • Multi-colours of paint
  • Paint brushes

Art is an expression of one's individuality. This project can be done by every age group you have in your family or backyard camp setting. Encourage their ability to create their own patterns and colour combinations.  

How to create:

  • Step 1: By dipping cardboard tube into the black paint, create circles on the paper. Overlapping is encouraged to create more patterns to fill in. Let set for a few minutes.
  • Step 2: Using the coloured paints, start to fill in the shapes that have been created by the overlapped circle patterns.
  • Step 3: Since the pattern has been created with the black circles, they can be coloured in with crayons or coloured pencils for older children.

Here are some benefits of painting inside circles:

  • Your child is developing motor skills by learning how to move their fingers and wrist effectively. When they're scribbling, they tend to just move in straight lines but when they draw or paint circles, they learn how to move their fingers and wrist to adjust to the curve - this later helps them with writing!
  • It adds onto their spatial abilities. When they learn how to paint within boundaries, they start planning within and around them. They begin to understand the relationship between different shapes and objects.
  • When kids are colouring inside the lines, they're learning about cause and effect. As tempting as it is to colour outside the lines, this activity also tests their self control.
  • This simple activity requires them to plan, organize, and remain focused.

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