Safety Pin Bead Jewelry

  • Safety pins (various sizes)
  • seed beads (various colours and sizes)
  • stretching string

Create cool ideas for bracelets and other jewelry pieces, or embellishments for a jean jacket.

Your kids safety pin beading creations are great for trading among friends or simply an addition to a summer wardrobe.

  1. You can use just about any size safety pin for this activity.
  2. Simply lay everything out and organize beads by colour and thread in the pin
  3. Add beads to each safety pin and repeat as necessary.
  4. Close the pin and add as many pins as you'd like for your bracelet or necklace.
  5. Cut the string the length of your wrist or neck depending on the pice of jewellery you're making
  6. Thread the string through the ends of the string and tie.

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