Sponge painting


  • paint in various colours
  • white craft paper
  • paint palate or plates
  • sponges cut in different shapes and sizes
  • paint smock or paint shirts (optional)


A fun activity that's ideal for younger kids, sponge painting allows your child to express their creativity while developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and colour recognition.

Cut sponges into various shapes (e.g. circles, triangles, star shapes) for a variety of fun patterns in your art work. Place the paint in palates or on a plate. Dip your sponge in the paint while using a paper towel to dab off excess paint. Dab the remaining paint on the paper surface to create different kinds of shapes, designs and patterns. Create trees by using brown for the trunk, green for the leaves and various colours for flowers and patterns (e.g. stars, circles, triangles) with cut up shapes.

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