Tie Dye Pillowcases

  • pillowcase or t-shirt
  • rubber bands
  • sheet of plastic
  • squeeze bottles
  • dye
  • disposable gloves

Who doesn't remember creating our own tie dye at camp? This activity involves creating your own tie-die pillowcase but it can be modified for t-shirts and towels.  Let the kids be creative with their colours and patterns, nothing is off limits with this fun activity.


1. Tie off sections of the pillowcase with rubber bands.

2. Cover the work surface with a big sheet of plastic and place the pillowcase on it.

3. Following the manufacturer's instructions, mix the colours of dye in the plastic squeeze bottles.

4. Working in sections, cover the entire pillowcase with dye. Let it to set and then rinse it according to the dye manufacturer's instructions.

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