Funny Flip Book

  • White card stock paper
  • Cardboard
  • Regular or coloured pencils
  • Metal book rings
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Instructions: How to make a Funny Flip Book. For a visual walk through, see this Wikihow page.

  1. Grab a stack of paper, ideally card stock paper that's thicker so it's easier to flip. A notebook or sticky note pad will do as well.
  2. If you like, although not necessary, think of a simple story you'd like to tell with your flip book (e.g. a man who accidentally walks into a pond).
  3. Using a pencil, draw your first figure(s) in the right corner of the last piece of paper in your stack. This will be the first sequence in your animated flip book story.
  4. Next, draw a variation of your figure again on your second last piece of paper slightly to the left, conveying an action (e.g., walking, waving) that fits with your story.
  5. Keep drawing slightly varied actions on each subsequent piece of paper.
  6. Use coloured pencils to make your story more visually appealing,
  7. Finally, when you finish your book/story, hold your thumb on the bottom-right edge of the paper stack and slowly pull upward, flipping through each page of the book.
  8. Pat your child on the back - they're a creative genius!

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