Cootie Catchers


  • Scissors
  • Blank sheet of plain paper
  • Pen or coloured Markers


How to make a cootie catcher (Visit this site for visual aids and detailed, step-by-step instructions):

  1. Take your sheet of paper and fold it across diagonally, lining up the two sides.
  2. Fold the extra unneeded paper and make a crease with your finger. Cut off the extra paper to make a square.
  3. Folding the corners: Fold all four corners toward the middle of the page.
  4. Flip over paper with folded corner; fold the corners the same way you did in step #1.
  5. Time Make your cootie catcher three-dimensional: Slide you fingers under all four flaps using both your thumbs and pointing finger.
  6. Pinch pointer finger and thumb together and push them towards the centre.
  7. Finally, add numbers, colours, letters, or symbols at top of Cootie Catcher, corresponding to the participants' fortunes written under each.

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