Covid Time Capsule - Summer of 2020


  • Box with a lid (ie. shoebox)
  • Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous items
  • Pen and paper to write down description of each item


Place items in the capsule that best represent your child's favourite activities and experiences from this unique period in history: Pieces from a board game or puzzle they loved, their favourite book or an old, treasured camp sweatshirt. Return to your capsule months or years later and recollect on how your child and family bonded during the 2020 pandemic.

How to Create a Covid Summer 2020 Time Capsule.


1. Get a box/bin with lid
2. Get items (5 to 10) that represent a memory or interest from summer 2020
3. Get a newspaper article (hard copy or print one out) with the date and headlines of the day
4. Write a description of each item and then place them in the box

Put the box away for future discovery.

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