Paper Dolls


  • thin white cardboard or poster board
  • fabric scraps (flannel, felt, cottons, poly-cottons etc.)
  • buttons
  • ribbons
  • yarn
  • craft foam shapes
  • googly eyes
  • markers
  • glue sticks
  • sewing scissors


A popular camp craft you can do at home with the kids.

  1. Begin by drawing a very basic paper doll on a sheet of white paper.
  2. Fold the piece in half, right down the middle of the drawing, and cut it out, using one side of the drawing as a guide, so the cut-out would be perfectly symmetrical.
  3. Trace that shape on the white cardboard and cut it out.
  4. Your doll body is complete.

To make the hair: loop a long length of yarn several times, knot it in the middle, and cut through the looped ends. You can add a ribbon to cover the knot in the hair if you want to.

Dressing the dolls: have the kids pick out the fabrics and ribbons that they like, and roughly cut the pieces to fit the dolls, and  glue them in place.  Don’t worry about being too exact here, you can trim them to fit later. The kids can dress their dolls skirts, tops, leggings, belts, and buttons.To finish, use googly eyes, pink craft foam circles and markers to make the dolls’ faces.

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