Shaving Cream Marbling


  • white paper (card stock or watercolour paper or printer paper)
  • baking sheet
  • shaving cream (foam, not gel)
  • food colouring or liquid watercolour paint (or both)
  • knife or spreader (for spreading the shaving cream)
  • skewer or chopstick (for swirling)
  • expired credit card (or something similar for scraping)


  1. Begin by letting your child squirt shaving cream all over the baking sheet. You’ll need the white foamy kind of shaving cream for this. Shaving gel won’t work.
  2. Spread the shaving cream all over the baking sheet in a thick, smooth layer.
  3. Next, drip the food colouring and/or liquid watercolours all over the shaving cream.
  4. Now, take your skewer or chopstick, and swirl the colour through the shaving cream. The more colour swirls you have in your shaving cream, the more “marbled” your paper will turn out.
  5. When you’re happy with how swirled your colours are, grab your paper. Have your child gently press the paper into the surface of the shaving cream, and leave it for a half-minute or so.
  6. Then, lift your paper out of the shaving cream.
  7. You’re going to need your credit card now.  You can use any sturdy object with a straight edge to do this part. A ruler would work or even a piece of cardboard. Have your child scrape the credit card over the surface of the paper to remove the shaving cream. You can give it an extra wipe with a paper towel to get any last traces of shaving cream off.
  8. Just look at what you’re left with!  A beautiful piece of homemade marbled paper!

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