Candy Popsicles

What you need:

  • small soft candy or candy pieces (gummy bears, gummy worms, sour keys)
  • lemonade, or juice of your choice (apple, coconut water)
  • Popsicle mold or paper cups
  • Popsicle sticks

This fun and easy treat takes minutes to make and your children will enjoy them any time of the year. Be sure to get them involved in the choice of candy and juice they would like for their own homemade Popsicle treats.

How to assemble:

  • Place candy in bottom of Popsicle mold or paper cup.
  • Fill mold with the juice of your choice.
  • Insert plastic sticks into mold and allow to freeze for up to 10 hours before enjoying.
  • If using paper cups, cover them with cello wrap and poke a hole to insert the stick before freezing.

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