Banana Pops


  • Bananas
  • chocolate
  • sprinkles
  • Skor bits
  • yogurt
  • granola
  • popsicle sticks


What a great way to plan an afternoon snack and have the kids help with the prep and then enjoy their creations. This can be done either room temperature bananas or for a summer cool off twist, once they are done, stick them in the freezer for 10 minutes and they become frozen treats. Dipping sauces:milk chocolate, dark, white or even coloured chocolate to add fun to the mix.

Melt chocolate and have children dip their bananas in the sauce or their choice.*white or coloured chocolate could be drizzled on top of milk chocolate for colour and fun. Toppings: Sprinkles, coconut, nuts (allergy considerations), skor bits, crushed fruit loops, or other cereals.For a less sweet option you could dip the bananas in a Greek or flavoured yogurt and roll it in granola. Pop in the freezer for 10 minutes and you have a frozen yogurt banana on a stick.Popsicle sticks or candy sticks would work best for this snack.

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